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Moxecutive, a renowned private consulting company specializing in development communication and event management, had the honor of winning the consultancy assignment to assist Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) in coordinating and covering the National Stakeholders’ Workshop on Climate Adaptation. With our dedicated team of experienced professionals, we were fully committed to delivering top-notch services to our esteemed clients.

From the outset, meticulous planning and organization were at the core of our approach. A comprehensive workplan was crafted, outlining the critical paths and ensuring a smooth journey from contract signing to final reporting. This detailed plan, meticulously followed, ensured the success of the event.

Regular progress review meetings were scheduled with KCV’s CEO and our team lead to monitor participant invitations and confirmations. Additionally, weekly update meetings with KCV’s technical lead and partner organizations ensured effective collaboration and overall preparedness. Our efforts were focused on categorizing participants and facilitating seamless breakout sessions.

Throughout the project, we maintained transparent and open communication with KCV through periodic reports and updates. These reports provided insights into invitation status, registration records, and the design of event collaterals such as name tags. By constantly updating and sharing information, we ensured that KCV was well-informed and involved at every stage.

A thoughtfully designed event programme was created and made available on the website. Participants could easily access the programme and other relevant materials by scanning the barcode on their name tags. This innovative approach enhanced participant engagement and streamlined the overall event experience.

Moxecutive’s commitment to excellence extended beyond logistics. We reviewed and utilized a concept note approved by KCV and partners, which served as a blueprint for the event. Additionally, we secured accommodation for special and marginalized groups, ensuring their inclusion and accessibility during the workshop.

To provide a comprehensive and engaging experience, we offered event streaming and coverage services. Livestreaming on KCV’s website and social media platforms enabled a wider audience to participate in the plenary sessions. Our team also captured high-quality photos and videos, enabling KCV’s communication officer to instantly share highlights on various channels.

Moxecutive’s partnership with KCV exemplifies our dedication to delivering exceptional services in development communication and event management. Through our collaboration, the National Stakeholders’ Workshop on Climate Adaptation was a resounding success, bringing together key stakeholders to address the urgent challenges of climate change. We look forward to future collaborations in promoting sustainable practices and climate resilience.

For more information and access to event materials, please visit the Adaptation Workshop;