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documentary production

Our Lead Content Producer in Kakuma,Turkana County!

📣🌱 Shoutout to our amazing Lead Content Producer in Kakuma! 🌍🌾📸

We want to appreciate our dedicated team member who has been passionately pursuing documentary production on agriculture and climate-smart stories for over 7 years! With their deep knowledge of the industry and a degree in Agriculture, they have made a significant impact in sharing impactful narratives.

This week, they are shining a spotlight on an incredible enterprise in Kakuma, Turkana County, that is promoting clean energy alternatives and making a difference in the community and the environment. We’re inspired by the resilience and joy of those seeking refuge for education and a better future.

Their documentary production work has shown that even small business efforts can create a substantial impact. Supporting communities is vital for their growth and well-being. Together, let’s continue to create positive change!

We’re proud to have such a dedicated Lead Content Producer on our team, committed to sharing stories from all corners of our beautiful country and beyond. As Moxecutive Media, we’re here to collaborate with organizations, individuals, and communities in documenting their impactful stories.

Join us in celebrating their work and let’s make a difference together!

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