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FOLLAP DOCUMENTARY FILM showcased at the Third National Legal Aid Conference

While providing media and visibility services to the first and second National Legal Aid Conferences by Follap – Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project, European Union, and United Nations Development Programme – UNDP through Amkeni Wakenya | UNDP, our impact producer Moses Irungu saw an opportunity for stakeholders to share experiences and mechanisms of addressing access to justice for the poor and marginalized through media.
At this year’s Conference, we present to you an 11 -Minute #Documentary “Taking Law to the People” dubbed TWAPELEKA HAKI MASHINANI. One of the highlights is the impact that Legal Aid has created on the People of Nakuru County. It also highlights the need to do more for the poor and marginalized to access justice. it challenges all duty-bearers and stakeholders to do more for the common citizen.
We are excited about a recommendation note to tell these stories. These stories will go a long way to show that Justice is accessible, affordable and it works.
Special thanks to Musi Florida, Dr. Aura, Robert Mutembei, and Brenda Achunga.


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#taking law to the people

#haki mashinani

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