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Today #Agri-Prenuers became Social Media SHUJAAs

The world we are living in has gone digital and there is no way businesses can run away from that fact. A wise man once said that it is like trying to stop a watch to save time.

Today, using Mudason Dog Centre – Gilgil Facebook page as a case study, Moxecutive Media Content Producer Mose Murik was invited by The Nakuru Living Lab to train its Agri-prenuers on how to take their agri-businesses online. The one-day event was meant to #empower these farmers who by the end of the training had an active social media presence that they can manage as groups. They learned how to schedule weekly posts that save time and data. #Branding came in handy to shield them from online bullies and copycats. We also did a short training on how to take quality photos with their smartphones.

A sharing experience highlighted the challenges faced and success stories of those who were already members. Thank you Nakuru Living Lab for the invitation to #empower #agriprenuers in Nakuru County. We shall follow up to continue supporting their Agribusinesses.