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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication

"Empowering through strategic communication, Moxecutive drives sustainable development and advances the SDGs."

Event  Management

Event Management

"Unleashing the power of events for impactful experiences and lasting connections."



"Capturing stories that inspire, educate, and ignite change through compelling documentaries."

Film & TV

Film & TV

"Bringing stories to life on screen with creativity, passion, and cinematic excellence."

Training & Coaching

Training & Coaching

"Nurturing potential, igniting growth, and shaping futures through training & Coaching."

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What we have produced

01. Film and TV Production

From creating daily highlight videos to a festival movie, we have a dynamic and innovative team of videographers, storytellers, and a production team.

02. Documentaries

We have a lean team of experienced and dedicated content producers who are dedicated and have gone the extra mile to produce extraordinary content.

03. Event Management

We help you make it happen. From strategy to event delivery, we create personalized experiences that deliver on your objectives.


Moxecutive News

Moxecutive Media is fully driven by Integrity.
About Us

Moxecutive is a communication consulting company focused on strategic development communication and image management through branding. It is built on 4 principles namely; empower, educate, expose and liberate untapped talents, bringing forth untold stories from the unexploited environments of our community.

Founded in 2015, Moxecutive has a lean team of experienced and dedicated experts in communication and events management with a collective experience of 20 years in practice. Our clientele consists of government agencies, multilateral, non governmental organizations, the private sectors such as agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, forestry and youth empowerment

Our Mission

To leverage strategic development communication and image management through branding to empower individuals, organizations, and communities, while promoting sustainable development and advancing the SDGs.

Our Vision

To be the leading global communication consulting company, recognized for our commitment to empowering individuals, transforming communities and driving sustainable development.

Have a project in mind? Let's talk

We encourage the creative spirit to advance the interests of our audience and our clients.

Our Clients